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  Body Scrub

Smooth Milk Body Scrub 60 mins

Skin is thoroughly cleansed, and then gently exfoliated leaving you with smooth and silky skin.  

Oat Milk Softening Body Scrub 60 mins

Very soft scrub for all skin types; apricot seeds will gently exfoliate the skin whilst oat wheat nourishes and cream replenishes & moisturizes leaving your skin soft and smooth.  

Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub 60 mins

Gentle yet effective, with natural coarse sugar & a blend of essential oils applied to the body in brisk, light circular motions to deeply cleanse, and soften.  

Green Tea Body Scrub 60 mins

An anti-oxidant treatment using rejuvenating green tea in an exfoliating scrub.  

Detoxifying Coffee Body Scrub 60 mins

Made from locally grown Thai coffee beans and natural volcanic pumice this is an original, stimulating, refreshing & cleansing treatment.  

Bamboo Charcoal Scrub 60 mins

A gentle and relaxing way to remove old dead skin from your body, using Charcoal gives moisturized radiant skin.  

Siam Classic Body Scrub 60 mins

Luxurious treatment blended with nine Thai flowers for sensitive skin, a very fresh and natural treatment which soothes hydrates and calms the skin..  

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